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We reinvented exhibitions to connect business

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How It Works

I have a product, service or presentation
Looking for new partnership, news, trends...
Take a picture
Make a presentation
Record a video
Choose a theme, business location
Create a stand and present
Choose a theme, business location and attend
New partnership

Why did we do it?

Participation in traditional exhibitions costs a huge amount of money and sometimes brings little success. Does that sound familiar to you? A negative experience like this inspired us to look for an entirely new way to present products and services without any risk, large investments, or the waste of time and energy.

This negative experience gave rise to EXPONEER - pioneer of a new generation exhibitions which provides not only live worldwide communication opportunities, minimal investments, but also the tremendous partnership opportunities and many other powerful options at the same time.

We work to eliminate restrictions of money, time and distance, thus allowing you to share ideas and find reliable partners from around the world. Our goal is to give you a simple but, on the other hand, powerful tool, which will let you focus on your real job instead of wasting time on promotions.

Finally, we strongly believe that, thanks to our efforts, you will become more innovative, more outstanding, and more sustainable. This will enable you to better use your time and resources to change the world into a better place to live - this is what we work for.



From now on you have the opportunity to participate in all kinds of exhibitions and conferences all around the world for free. And it will always be free.

"Hot" News

Here you will find the latest "hot" news. The software is designed so that it contains only the latest real-time news, thus out of date information will not waste your time.

Real People - Real Emotion

Here you can have online communications with product or service representatives and get direct contact with them. There are no avatars or cartoon characters, therefore you will experience real communications and make real connections.

No Tiredness, No Stress

The exhibitions take place on the principle 365/24, enabling you to go through the news or potential partners at your convenience. Stop and continue whenever you want.

No More Spam

The software does not include any advertising, sponsor banners... so you are never distracted by unimportant ads.

No More Risk

There is no risk in trying the Professional level because when registering you are given a monetary credit to try all options. Invite your friends and you will get more options.

...and many other advantages... thus do not waste any time reading, just register now


From now on you can participate in all exhibitions and conferences all over the world. Something that was impossible until now.

Widest audience

You will be noticed by the widest audience possible

No more risk

To participate in EXPONEER exhibitions you do not need any budget. By registering you get an amount of money that enables you to try all services. No more risk.

No tiredness, no stress

You do not have to bother with the exhibition stand design and set-up, the best location at the event, traveling, hotel reservation, etc. Here everything is simple and clear, saving you time, stress and money.

Big data

Every week you will be provided with detailed information about your stand attendance, product interest, etc.

...and many other advantages... thus do not waste any time reading, just register now

Benefits for society

Participation in EXPONEER exhibitions does not require traveling, printed brochures, stand building which all result in waste. Using this service, together we will save a huge amount of natural resources from destruction and reduce CO2 emissions.

As a simple and powerful tool, EXPONEER contributes to the quick distribution of innovations, knowledge, news, and ability to find reliable partners worldwide, which will certainly increase our wellbeing.

Get involved in our mission, encourage others and leave footprint of sustainability.

Today 4 t of CO2 emission is saved.

Our first customer is treated like a king with SPECIAL PERKS


First Golden 500 exhibitors will get 100 EUR bonus.

First Silver 1.500 exhibitors will get 50 EUR bonus.

First Bronze 3.000 exhibitors will get 25 EUR bonus.

How to get the bonus?

You need to register as an Exhibitor. Don't rush, think carefully about what and how you present yourselves for the entire world. Focus on high quality information because this is your brand name.


First Golden 2.000 visitors will get 5 EUR bonus each

First Silver 8.000 visitors will get 3 EUR bonus each

How to get bonus? You only need to register as an Visitor and ... and that's all.


All registered users will get 2 EUR bonus for each new invited and registered user. Go to your Menu and send invitations as wide as you can. You can earn so much bonus to enjoy Exponeer for all your life free. So, hurry up.

Join the EXPONEER's world full of incredible opportunities


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